West Advocate / Eatonville, Nova Scotia

Some Panoramas

The beach looking southeast towards Cape d’Or:


Looking northwest towards Cape Chignecto – I hope to hike the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail somedayImage

Beach front property ? This guy  has a LOT of stuff wash up on the shore around him! Image

A Mountain Ash tree with just the berries left on a nice clear sky:Image

Anderson’s Cove from the Eatonville day use trail area:


Eatonville beach – a hundred years ago 350 people lived here and there was a logging and ship building industry:


A Sea Stack:



The Three Sisters :


Another rock outcrop in the area :


Hope you enjoyed the tour !

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2 Responses to West Advocate / Eatonville, Nova Scotia

  1. adinparadise says:

    Great pics, but that beach front property looks rather run down. 😦

    • bepphotos says:

      It was – a lady walking her dog on the beach said there is a guy from out of town that comes there but she had not seen him much at all this summer – there was another much better maintained cottage right beside this one but it didn’t have the same “character” 🙂

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