Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #15 – People in Nature

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers   This week’s Challenge is:  People in Nature!

Nothing gets you closer to nature than a canoe trip.  A couple of years ago we canoed a portion of the Churchill River in Labrador.  We felt it was important to do this since the river is an important part of our family heritage and the proposed Muskrat Falls hydroelectic project will change the area forever.  It was along this river that our grandfather travelled to the start of his trapline where he caught fur to support his family for months at a time.  Before that, his grandfather, John Montagu was a guide on one of the early explorations of the Grand Falls.

Not everybody agrees the hydro development should proceed.  Some people would like the government to Rethink Muskrat Falls.

people in nature 03

people in nature 05

people in nature 11

It can be chilly even on August mornings along the Churchill River!

You can see a few photos of Muskrat Falls on my flickr site.

An important consideration whenever people are getting into nature are the Leave No Trace principles and ….

to take only pictures and leave only footprints:

people in nature 04

people in nature 12

More and more people are getting out in nature in a variety of ways like this bike ride I took with my daughter last year:

people in nature 09

and what would a “People in Nature” theme be without a couple of self portraits:

people in nature 06

its tough to look casual when you are running for the timer and generally camera shy anyway ….

people in nature 07

When hurricane Katia was passing by Nova Scotia in 2011 she stayed a couple hundred kilometers offshore but she still sent some impressive waves ashore.  A lot of people wanted to get out to see them.  The sunset at Peggys Cove lighthouse was quite spectacular that evening.

This photo recieved honourable mention.  See the winners here

people in nature 02

and this young person scared a lot of us by getting too close to the edge.  Fortunately a lot of other people were telling him to move back while I got this shot.

people in nature 01

I hope you enjoyed my intrepretation of “People in Nature”.

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2 Responses to Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #15 – People in Nature

  1. Imelda says:

    The silhouette photos are beautiful.

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